gccVB - Virtual Boy Development Tools

David Tucker (aka reality_boy) has made available a working build environment for gccVB including gdb and a version of newlib. With a few minor tweaks, you can develop VB software on your favorite platform!

From his "News" page:

You can grab the compiler from here. Just grab everything in the directory and follow the directions in vb_v810_gcc_01.zip. This does not include any of the helper functions defined in the old gccvb packages. For now, just import the elements you need. In the future, we need to put together a proper library that is separate from the compiler. But I can assure you that this compiler is capable of building most anything you throw at it.
Todo List

gccVB is a version of the GNU C/C++ compilers, assembler, and other build tools targeted at NEC's 32-bit v810 microcontroller and a small but useful library of code to assist software development on Nintendo®'s Virtual Boy™ video game system.